Burger Madness $9.99! Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays

*Burger Madness….$9.99!

Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday! Pick any of our burgers below with your choice of $.50 or $1.00 toppings for no additional charge! Served with French fries.
Gourmet Toppings excluded. Please limit cheeses to six.

Burgers….Arthur’s Specialty!

Served with French fries. Red onion and mayo upon request.
Udi’s Gluten-Free Bun available for an additional $1.

  • The Original Arthur’s Burger*it’s all about the beef, with a full half pound of seasoned 90% lean meat, grilled to order with lettuce, tomato, and sliced pickles. 9.00

  • The “Sally” Burger*5 oz. of lean ground beef served with lettuce, tomato, sliced pickle
    sesame seed bun. (Cooked Medium Well to Well) 8.00
  • Black Bean Burgerour lightly spiced vegetarian option, made in house, served with lettuce,
    tomato, sliced pickle, and a side of our homemade pink salsa. 9.00
  • The Turkey BurgerTender & juicy, served with lettuce, tomato, and sliced pickle. 9.00
$.50 Toppings
BBQ Sauce
Chipotle BBQ Sauce
Banana Peppers
Caramelized Onions
Sautéed Green Peppers
Sautéed Mushrooms
$1.00 Toppings
Greek Olives
American Cheese
Blue Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Pepper Jack Cheese
Provolone Cheese
Swiss Cheese
Roasted Poblano Relish

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