Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier, the Polaroid camera is invented (shake it!), and what becomes
Arthur’s on Edward’s Road opens as the Allen E. Bradford Restaurant.

The Big Bang Theory is formulated, spawns popular TV show decades later. The restaurant changes
names, becomes Apke’s Grill. Mr. Bradford is lost to history.

Elvis, along with his controversial pelvis, appears for the first time on The Ed Sullivan Show.
The TV remote control is invented, channel surfing becomes a national sport. Apke’s Grill becomes Art’s.
Mr. Apke joins Mr. Bradford in obscurity.

Punk, disco, and Me and You and a Dog Named Boo. What a decade.
Art’s undergoes a name extension, becomes Arthur’s. And with that, a Hyde Park
neighborhood legend is born.

Soviet Union collapses, no one notices due to Milli Vanilli lip-synch scandal.
Current owners Susan, Joe and B.J. start as bussers and servers at Arthur’s.
The future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades.

Susan, Joe, and BJ buy Arthur’s. Did anything else happen this year?
Not sure, we were too busy.

Things were going so well for Arthur’s we were on fire…literally! Fortunately,
we only had to shut down for a few days and there was no structural damage.

Arthur’s opens a second location in Anderson Township.

JOE, OwnerFor Joe, it’s all about the guest experience. “Dining should be the whole package of being taken care of, the food being good, and for that hour or two being able to forget everything and just have a good time.” Of course, providing a stellar guest experience starts with doing what you do best. “We’re a
burger place first, and you’re always trying to make it new and tweak it to fit the newest trends, but
a good hamburger never goes out of style.” On a typical day you’ll find Joe in the back of the house
–on the line, cooking, making sure the physical operation of the restaurant runs smoothly.
SUSAN, OwnerWith a background in marketing and teaching and the longest tenured of Arthur’s three owners–she started in 1987 as a server–Susan provides a unique perspective on what makes Arthur’s what it is today, and what’s made it the Cincinnati institution it’s become. “It’s our burgers and our other great food along with our top notch service. We’re about hospitality and friendliness. It’s the mood. That’s what sets us apart.” Susan is the one the crew turns to for organization, office operations, systems and procedures. “I like coming to work every day. It’s an adrenaline rush for me.”
BJ, OwnerFor BJ, it’s all about service. “I’m a pleaser. I like to make people happy. And to provide great
service you have to put other people’s needs before your own. You have to be selfless.” BJ sees
being one of the owners of a Cincinnati institution like Arthur’s as a responsibility and an obligation.
“You have to do what you do well, and do it well consistently. I want every person who walks through
the door to leave happy, full and wanting to come back. That’s what gives me the greatest pleasure
in my job.”